Addresses and contacts

Whatsapp/Telegram +7 985 231-07-03

Calls are received from 10:00 until 22:00; the issue point works in the same mode



Issue point: Leninsky Prospect, 34/1, Moscow

Metro station Leninsky Prospekt, 1-st carriage from the center. Exit to MCC, then 5 minutes on foot. You do not have to come in person: there is delivery and return within the MKAD (1000 rubles), airport area (1500 rubles)


My name is Maria, I am the author of MINIrent project.

Our MINIs are used by people of different backgrounds. They are tourists, businessmen, students, English car lovers and people who just want emotions.

We deliver our cars on time. You will get a clean and refueled auto, ready for any wishes of yours. Time of free movement is on the clock!

Me and the legendary MINI Classic. It was produced in such a body in England from 1959 until 2000. John Cooper himself stood next to the copy on this picture

«When we created MINI, many people used to say that this auto would never be sold»

…remembered Alec Issigonis at the celebrations on the release of the millionth car. MINI cost 497 pounds sterling in 1959 as standard and 537 pounds in the De-Luxe version. For the first year after the release, 20,000 cars were sold. Subsequently, sales increased tenfold and remained at this level for 15 years.

MINI was Alec Issigonis’ idea of a small car, sketched on a napkin in post-war England. Alec hated math and exact calculations and dumped this work for his permanent assistant Jack Daniels.

Sir Alec Issigonis and his visiting card. An extraordinary personality and a talented designer who came up with one of the most popular cars in history and his creation